I’m Julka.

I’m also known as Julia, Jula or Juleczka.

This is my first ever blog post, I hope you all will enjoy it; although I am a pessimistic person, I always attempt to make others smile or laugh.

I am a GCSE Art student, I one day may want to become a tattoo artist or a Art teacher; I enjoy making artwork in different media such as pencil, graphite and charcoal. I like looking at other artworks and annotating them, asking myself why and how the artist did what they did.

I class myself as a deep thinker, I overthink many things; these anxious thoughts may vary from “DID I TAKE MY KEYS” to “WHAT EVEN IS LIFE??”- as you can tell, I am an anxious being.

I am a sufferer of depression, sorry if most of my blog posts are just plain boring or sad; I wish I could say I’m getting help, but my therapist has left and I haven’t seen her in ages.

I love sunflowers and sunsets and I am apparently a romantic person, I would love to cuddle in a dark room in a bed with someone I love and kiss them forever and give them love bites while listening to Arctic Monkeys and The Neighbourhood.

Although highly “antisocial”, I am also apparently a funny person and people love my sense of humour; I wish it was easier for me to make friends though.

I guess this is all you need to know, goodbye for now~



About the author: Julka

I'm a confused child who has two bunnies named Muffin and Marshmallow.