I feel like I should post something so here’s a story that I made about a year and a half ago with some editing that took about 30 minutes (adding, deleting, changing, etc…).

Almost no one has read this so I hope you guys feel honoured😅

What Happens When You Mix Pop-Rocks with Coke?

When you mix pop-rocks with Coke and then drink it… You first feel dizzy. You then feel the need to sleep in your nice bed. Then you feel the warm, beaming light of reality spiralling away from you…

You wake in a mysterious land, still in your bed but it’s on an odd angle. Is it floating? You then feel the need to get out of bed. Although you’ve never really wanted to leave your bed in the past, why did you now? When you get out, you start to walk. Just looking for any sign of intelligent life. Anywhere… Anyone…

Suddenly, you feel a cold, yet warm hand on your shoulder. You spin around and find the hand letting go suddenly then turning into colourful sand, only to be lost in the wind. You believe that your mind is playing tricks on you, so you make a joke out of it in your mind. “Last time someone touched me was… oh wait.” The joke got less funny really fast…

You look around… You are outside in a cold, windy and sandy desert, filled with colourful hills and cacti lying among you. Wait. The sand is colourful? “How is this possible?” you think to yourself, “Why did it take me this long to even notice where I was!?” Your heart was still racing from the mysterious hand that disappeared in the wind. You look up. You see a light-red sky with a very little amount of clouds and a red, beating sun that seems to pop into the Earth’s own atmosphere… Are you on Earth?

You start to wonder why you are here. Why you came upon this strangely-different world from the one you know. “Why me?!” You think to yourself, wanting to scream in terror. You try to yell. You try to scream. Nothing comes out of your mouth. Silence. All you hear is the sound of your breath… Your breath? It sounds different. Words cannot even begin to describe how it sounds. “Why is this happening to me?” You think to yourself, pondering about what you could have been doing right now had it not been for this strange trip.

You decide to walk. You do not know why you made this decision. All you know is that you need to get away from here. Away from this reality… Away from yourself… You look around again. You see a man in a dark, gloomy cloak. He wasn’t there before… You ignore this fact and practically run at him with exasperated joy. “Finally someone else is in this nightmare with me!” You think to yourself, jumping with excitement. “Hello?” You say to the man. Why can you speak now? He doesn’t answer. “Maybe he didn’t hear me.” You think to yourself. “Hello?” You say a bit louder. No answer. You hear a noise from behind you. Startled, you spin around as fast as you can. You hear it again. This time you don’t move. Not an inch. The sound was a hiss. You know this hiss. You know it very well. This is the same hiss that tried to warn your grandfather before it attacked him. This is the same hiss that your mother told you never to mess around with. This hiss is the most dangerous hiss anyone has ever heard. This hiss came from a King Cobra. You froze, unable to see the dangerous creature lurking around.

About 45 seconds later, you find the strength to turn around and look for the snake there, because… maybe it went behind you… Nothing’s there. You then feel the same hand coming across your shoulder, except there are two of them this time. These hands put a necklace around your neck. You look at the necklace. It’s a pendant that changes between purple and Blue, seemingly on its own. You turn around. You see the man. One of his cold, and yet somehow very warm, hands still on your shoulder. You can’t see his face. The faded brown hood over his head makes him shaded in the dark completely. The only thing you can make out is a curved smile that seems to go up only one side of his face. His teeth glistening in the red light. He then disappears in the exact same fashion as the hand from before. Colourful sands… You then hear a loud sound… “BOOM.” And nothingness.

You see darkness. You feel nothing. You hear only the sound of your breath, only this time… it’s normal… You open your eyes. It’s bright. Your eyes adjust. You’re in your room on your bed. It was just a dream. You stand up You notice that you’re wearing socks. “Wow. You did it again,” you think. You fell asleep with your socks on again which rarely happens. You sit down on your bed again and take off your sock… Colourful sands fall from them. “What?” You say to yourself, “How?” You try your best to ignore this, although it was very hard to. You put on another pair of socks and walk over to the door. You’re just about to turn the handle when you notice a string… It’s the Pendant…

To Be continued

I will try to make more of this, but no promises! And before someone asks: yes, this does have some sort of meaning behind it, so if you’re the deciphering type, go nuts!

Thank you so much for reading and sorry that it was kind of long, but it is a story and it does mean something so… yeah. I hope you have a nice day/night!✌️


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