Hey! So I’ve never made a blog before nor do I have any idea what to do with it but I’m willing to give this thing a try.

So Hi, I’m Kizi(it’s an internet name btw) and I’m almost 15 making me probably one of the youngest around this website. So don’t expect words of wisdom but I want to put more of my thoughts as an English schoolgirl out there.

Often being a young teenager especially if your under 16 a lot of the time I find there isn’t really a lot of websites and things that deal with our types of problems and thoughts on things. After all we are too young to vote, sometimes to young to have a job, must stay at home, go to school and it can be seen as the easy years. I don’t think so. Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we don’t know struggle and can’t be mature in our views and have strong opinions on what’s happening in this world.

Think about it this way: in just over a year I will be starting my final year of GCSE(not sure what the equivalent in other places is), choosing my sixth form or collage and taking the final exam S, a lot of my life will depend to some extent on those choses and so yeah, a lot is still happening at this time.

Anyway back to me. I am a Christian and a fangirl and a lover of musicals. I have four pets, two cats and two bearded dragons. I also have a sister and four step siblings. I love to write but I’m pretty bad at it. I’m an INFP and a proud Ravenclaw.

I’m an introvert and love to spend time on my own and I love the dark. For some reason I love the safety it seems to bring me like no one can see and judge me but it’s hard to explain and I might make a post on it. At the same time I also love my friends – I have two I call best friends and other close friends. I genuinely love to socialise with them but only at certain times, otherwise I just want to be in my bed.

I think that’s it for now but now you know a little about me and what I want to achieve.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the image I found it somewhere else so all credit goes to the creator.

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I'm an INFP fangirl - especially DC, Marvel, Magyver and Hamilton. I'm a teenager and I also Love writing and animals and quotes.