Friends are an essential part of life; however, there can be a multitude of definitions for the word “friend”. The more important questions are who our best friends are, and what that means to us human being on a personal level. Generally speaking, we sift through friends regularly, and one’s friends groups may change a number of times throughout a lifetime. A best friend is someone that will support and encourage their close ones regardless of the passage of time and the ever-changing interests and desires of people.

Best friends are the type of friends that understand one another’s values and dreams. They are the friends that strive to build up one’s character and genuinely seek connection. These types of friends are often difficult to come by, but also easily found with an open mind and positive attitude.

A positive attitude and a true desire to expand one’s ability to love and care for others is likely to assist in the sometimes difficult search for true friendship. This type of outgoing behavior may be more challenging for some people, especially if the person in question is an introvert at heart. An introvert is often less likely to seek out external stimuli, and might rather consider the comforts of family life. Introverts are commonly seen as good friends, or even best friends. Some reasons for this lasting impression introvert tend to leave is due to the fact that introverts value relationships, and they trust others to be as caring as they are. A genuine and long-term friendship with an introvert is something that everyone might consider grasping for. Although it is difficult to pin-point who is introverted and who is not, it can benefit a large number of people to simply consider the advantages of seeking relationship-based friends, rather than those that may have ulterior motives. It is also crucial to avoid discrimination and alienation when choosing friends (especially in school and work settings), because there is no guarantee that an introvert will behave according to stereotype. All interpretations of introverts are general outlines and guidance tips, rather than pure fact. Not all introvert descriptions will apply to every introvert out there in the world. There will be people in the world that may consider themselves extroverts, yet possess many traits that are seen as introverted. There is no cookie-cutter formula for finding best friends, but there are certain traits that one can seek in order to increase their chances of discovering a friendship that may develop into something special.

A best friend will possess certain personality traits that will set them apart from the larger pool of potential friends. A true and genuinely caring friend is someone that understands how their words and actions impact other human beings, as well as someone that can distinguish between self-love and narcissism. It is important to have friends that are sure of themselves and able to address their own struggles when faced with difficult situations. This is not to say that these friends should not seek support from others, but it is important that a person possesses a certain amount of responsibility for oneself without expecting others to resolve their issues for them. A best friend is someone that will seek encouragement and support in tough times, while also making a great effort to take care of themselves and be kind to oneself. Of course, in some cases it is difficult to overcome situations of trauma, and a person with expertise (such as a therapist) may be required. The main responsibilities between best friends should be to support one another and understand each other’s strengths and downfalls. An introverted best friend is likely to have a good sense of how others are feeling and good intuition about people’s behaviors. Since introverts tend to spend a large amount of time discovering themselves, they are often well aware of their own capabilities and tend to be quite good at detecting when a friend is in need.

Friendships, especially the ones worth keeping and nurturing, can sometimes be difficult to acquire. It is important to consider what makes a great friend, and to ask questions when deciding to spend time with people. Is a person uplifting, or are they negative? Do the people we surround ourselves with make us feel good when we leave them, or do we feel worse after spending time with them? In a world of almost 8 billion people, it is surely possible to find friends that are worth keeping around. All one must do is decide how they would like to be treated, and seek only that type of friendship. Whether he or she is an introvert or not, a best friend will stand out from the crowd.

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