In today’s society, money is a universal way of trading for products and/or services. The majority of people in the world earn money by working for certain companies or organizations. Once that money is earned, it is then time to use it as a tool to receive services, consume food and drink, or acquire belongings.

Introverts tend to be on the lower end of the money-sending spectrum. There are a few reasons why this may be the case. As many might assume, introverts spend more time alone and at home than any extrovert would ever admit. Introverts are more likely to spend time in environments that do not encourage them to consume products and services. For example, if an introverted person decided to spend a weekend reading books and having small get-togethers with close friends; it is quite possible to do this on a tight budget. Most of the requirements for this type of activity have already been paid for and do not ask for further spending, other than (of course) the purchase of delicious treats to share among good friends.

With our ever-evolving world, it has become much easier to avoid the temptations of shopping and consuming without a set purpose. It is easy for an introvert to become comfortable at home and watch a few re-runs of Friends on Netflix without being bombarded with advertisement for the next new iPhone. Most of us already own cell phones and are seldom bothered to seek out new technology just for the sake of it being new and potentially groundbreaking. Introverts are more likely to appreciate what they already have as they probably own certain things because of how they make them feel rather than the societal status they provide.

In the world of extroversion, it can be quite the opposite when it comes to consumerism. A large number of extroverts enjoy large gatherings of people and trying new and exciting activities. With larger and greater groups of people, comes greater responsibility. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, status plays an important part of an extrovert’s life. Due to the fact that extroverts tend to spend more time around other people and are more likely to mingle at social events, it is possible to become a part of a group that values spending money and owning the next big thing! Extroverts also tend to spend money more frequently on activities such as paintball games, skydiving, and other outdoor activities or extreme sports. Part of the reason for this is because extroverts are more likely to have friends that are more interested in such activities. As an extrovert, is may be difficult to say no to a potentially exciting get-together with a large group of people.

The introvert lifestyle is very different from that of an extrovert, and not only because of the activities each party spends their time on, but also because of how each group might view society and the importance of life and the human experience.

The introverts of the world are not as interested in spending money on belongings that will not provide anything more than the pure satisfaction of consuming. Introverts tend to be very aware of their own behaviors and what makes them feel good, as well as what does not. In many cases, thing such as “shopping therapy” are not very high on an introvert’s list of things to do. Such a person might opt to take a short vacation from work and spend some time alone to rejuvenate and reflect on recent experiences.

Spending money is a necessity in today’s society, especially in the western world. It is quite unavoidable and a blessing as much as a curse. Some of us are quite careless with our spending habits, and others thrive in understanding that spending money is not always the way to achieving happiness and contempt.

Perhaps it can be beneficial to us all to think hard and to really focus on what is important in our daily lives, and to discover what is truly worth spending money on. After all, money is earned through time spent. The introverts in our society are perhaps more aware of this fact because they spend many hours with themselves, and they understand that time is one of the most valuable gifts that money cannot buy.

About the author: Rady

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