Just to tell you, I’ve never written a blog post before and was never interested in such. But I might as well tell you all something about me before you try and become friends with me. ‘Cause I’m sure your view of me will change after this post. And frankly, that’s fine.

My name is Jacqueline, but DO NOT call me that. Ever. If you’d like to know why, or are curious, please privately chat with me and ask. I will not answer in public. If you do not know, or would rather not know.. Call me Jacky/Jackie. Any one of those two is fine.

I am 15 years of age. Asexual and Aromantic, don’t speak or talk about any of those things around me. They make me extremely uncomfortable. And as I may not stay that way forever.. you should still follow such until change. At least I think so, but I may be wrong, right? Wouldn’t be the first time. And I’m not saying don’t talk about sensual/relationship topics at all. Just don’t bring it up in conversation with me.

Some of my favorite things consist of music, seasons, and animal bones. Weird, right? Yeah. I collect the ones I find. Usually they’re teeth or claws. But sometimes I get lucky and find a few skulls and other types of anatomical bones belonging to certain species/animals. My favorite season(s) are Autumn and Winter. I tend to love the cold climates/weathers/seasons more than anything. And music?

My kind of music is Indie. Though sometimes I do like other things.. Most likely anything in the genre of Indie is something I will love or like. Artists & Bands such as:

EDEN, Daughter, Icon For Hire, Mounika, Gregory and the Hawk, Red, The Used, Celldweller, Crywolf, Hollywood Undead, and a few more that I don’t believe I need to mention are in my top favorites. A random favorite song of mine from Courtney Parker is “Her Last Words”

Nature & Animals are something you can talk to me about. I love animals and know a bit about them, mostly about Canidaes and Marine types though. I’ve seen and touched wolves/some other Canidaes & Felines ’cause I’m that type of person who will willingly go in a cage with ’em.

Interesting Facts about me:

I love to do Urban Climbing/Buildering. I’ve climbed up my school and up onto towers around town. Once I have been up an apartment building but nothing higher than that, I’d probably have a panic attack if any higher, haha. I’m scared of heights any bigger than an apartment building I guess.

Drawing is one of my big big hobbies. Often I draw people smoking, don’t ask why, I don’t know either. Listening to lofi hip-hop and doing that is just really peaceful to me. Either it’s digitally or traditionally. In a dimly lit room with an open window and a low breeze, listening to Indie-music and drawing that specific thing? My own little heaven on this hellhole called Earth.

I skin and participate in Animal Slaughter but love them. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad when I do. But sometimes it has to be done. I have the reasons to, I’m not a maniac. And I’m entirely happy that I don’t have to slaughter animals as often as I use to anymore.

(Extra; I do like hunting with a Bow. Sometimes it’s a compound one.)

I am Native American, Sioux/Dakota.

My top most favorite animal(s) are Grizzly Bears and Red Deer. Yes. I love a bear and Deer of all things over a dog, cat, and wolf. Or any type of feline. I love Grizzly Bears & Red Deer with all my heart.

Cyan, Green, and Turquoise are my favorable colors. I like to use ’em as paint and decorate certain things. Sometimes I make dreamcatchers & incorporate those colors on them somehow.






About the author: perhapsjustme

"Get a load of this train wreck, his hair's a mess and he doesn't know who he is yet."
I love music, writing, and reading.
Please, call me Jack or Jackie when speaking to me.
DO NOT. Call me Jacqueline. I'm sorry if I come off as rude or harsh or something like that.. if you really want to know why,
come chat with me privately.