People Aren’t Permanent

People leave and it’s a normal thing. Perhaps it’s time to see it from the other point of view as well, just imagine that the other person started a new book and, unfortunately, you’re not a character anymore. Would you blame a person for wanting to read other books?...

Top 14 Real-Life Struggles Only Introverts Will Understand

  Let’s admit it: most people still do not get that introverts are normal human beings who enjoy the company of small groups. Truth is, we just need to recharge our introvert batteries often through alone time. But don’t let the fact that people think we are...

Jextek Introduction

Hi! If you are viewing my profile/this post then let me introduce myself. *AHEM* I'm Josh aka Jextek. I'm the definition of an introvert and I don't go out too much. I don't have a ton of friends and kind of find it hard to make them. The name 'Jextek' is actually...

Finding my voice

 I guess I've always know that, but when I ran across this quote one night, it was like I found the answer or explanation to what I am, or what I've felt. In elementary writers workshop was my favorite thing to do. I wrote about anything and everything that came up in...

The Truth About Introversion

Legend has it, they grow in quiet, isolated spaces and they likely approach you when you are alone… Introverts. These are individuals who are drained by social interaction and energised by creative, solitary pursuits. Their disposition is often misunderstood and...

My name is Ashlee

I have never written a blog in my entire life. Tried once but I never been able to fall through with it. So here goes nothing....... My name Ashlee, there's actually a "Y" instead of another "E" but I like "E" better. I am 22 years old and I am just a shy, confused,...


I like awake some nights, tossing and turning, searching for sleep, but it slips from my grasp before I can claim it...or let it claim me. On those nights, I wonder about things. About the vastness of the universe and the fragility of our lives as humans. About why...


Embrace Your Introversion | Join the Movement

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