This is a poem I wrote about 10 years ago. It came to my mind and I started writing it.
Now I can find myself in my own poem. Previous year I discovered I might have Social Anxiety or General Anxiety Disorder. Still finding ouy some stuff.

Tiny, tiny Cherry Blossom,
high up on that tree.
Tiny, tiny Cherry Blossom,
the symbol for a new life.

Did they ever told you
how beautiful you are?
did you ever told them
how beautiful you will be?

We all know that,
in this short live,
you will become a
powerful, massive and beautiful tree.

So one day that tiny Cherry Blossom
released it’s past and fell down to the ground.
As the newborn leaves were watching it
and could proudly tell to autumn:

“That tiny, tiny Cherry Blossom,
that was me!”

About the author: Sfieetjj

I've never been diagnosted yet but I'm sure I do have social or general anxiety.
I love singing, horsebackriding. I crochet.
I work as an elderly caretaker.
Got my man and 1 daughter.